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On-Board Diagnostics


When your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system reports an issue, it’s recommended that you have an inspection performed as soon as possible. At Sun Devil Auto, our experienced ASE Certified technicians perform a series of diagnostic procedures to isolate the specific malfunction(s) that triggered your dashboard indicator. With our technical software, we’re able to provide accurate repair recommendations.

Take advantage of our free engine diagnostic offer to have one of our ASE Certified Technicians pull the trouble codes stored in the on-board computer.

Once the initial code scan has been performed, our technicians will often pull diagnostic procedures from our technical software and work through the steps of isolating the malfunction. The technician can then make accurate repair recommendations based on the underlying issues. After repairing what is initially obvious, your vehicle must be test driven and scanned again to determine if there are other issues.

We only utilize state of the art equipment to provide you with the most precise and detailed information possible. We perform only the work that you authorize and everything we do is guaranteed in writing, every time.

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